Robot twin sliding table

Twin sliding table to receive 2 – 4 palettes, in dimensions: 1000 mm x 600 mm, 500 x 600 mm, 400 mm x 600 mm, or 300 x 700 mm.







The robot double sliding table has been designed to handle parts during the automatic processing – grinding and polishing – of various tools. The palette system has a dual design to receive a larger number of tools and directly drop off the processed tools. The operator fills the palettes with the unprocessed tools. After the palette has been filled, it is driven into the installation by confirming the change specification at the operating element (table right in/out, table left in/out). The robot grasps the first part, then it drives the tool to the belt grinding station and processes it. The robot subsequently leads the part that needs to be processed to the polishing station and polishes it. The tool is placed into the palette again after finishing the polishing procedure, and a new tool is taken. The operator is requested to change the palette after the complete palette has been processed.

Doppelschiebetisch aus Aluprofile

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